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Child custody is one of the most complex aspects of a family law case. At the Law Office of David Meyer, our priority is acting in the best interests of your children. Our Joplin child custody lawyer is a dedicated advocate, putting your child first to secure the best possible results.

Unfortunately, what constitutes the best interest of the child may not always be agreed upon by both parents. During contested legal proceedings, our experienced Jasper County divorce attorney can tactfully navigate the desires of both parties to reduce possible conflicts. We strive to find a solution that takes care of your children’s needs while also addressing your rights as a parent.

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Determining the Best Interests of a Child

When children are involved, the court will establish a custody agreement that benefits the child most. Our first recommended step is to undergo mediation, helping both parents come to an agreement without involving the court. After all, you know what arrangement would be best for your child, however, if you cannot come to an agreement during mediation, a family law judge will provide a child custody arrangement according to how they see fit.

What constitutes the best interests of a child?

  • Their emotional development
  • Their health and safety
  • Their stability
  • Their standard of living
  • The wishes of the child

Numerous considerations determine a custody arrangement. The court seeks to foster the child’s learning, development, growth, and relationship with both of their parents. Our family lawyer can help ensure that your voice is heard and what your child's needs are successfully communicated.

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Work with a Joplin child custody attorney completely devoted to securing positive outcomes for your family. We tactfully navigate the complex emotional waters during a child custody case. With personalized attention, the Law Office of David Meyer offers the detail and care that you deserve during this stressful time.

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